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SootMC Server Rules

In order to keep the wholesome community that was created during the 1.14-1.15 SootMC servers, we employ a list of rules! Please help our moderators in keeping this cumunity safe and friendly for all ages!

1) ANY use of malicious hacks and/or clients will not be tolerated, and depending on severity. may end up in your account being permanently banned. 

2) All rules of the WilburSoot discord server, Apply on the minecraft server.

3) Please. don't spam! -  This includes commands in chat & private messages.

4) We ask that you please dont self/promote anyone/thing without prior permission from a mod. Depending on the severity your account may be softbanned.

5) Any Griefing of claimed land will not be tolerated

6) Please do not abuse any of your premium permissions, should you do so. These perks may be permanently removed from your account without refund.

7) Swearing is allowed, however please dont overuse it. - Slurs are not allowed at all.

8) No harassment of any kind. This includes racism/sexism/homophobia/joshophobia

9) Any Drama within the SootMC Minecraft server, should not be delt with publicly. We ask that you keep this to DMs! - We're a friendly community. Help us stay that way!